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Boomster Corporation
No.43, Jianguo 1st Rd., Xinzhuang Dist, 
New Taipei City 242051

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Taiwan Fine Blanking & Stamping Parts

Products for high precision control & customized.

We are committed to manufacturing products that exhibit an outstanding level of quality and proving a service level commitment that surpasses your expectations.

Fine Blanking & Stamping technique used in the manufacture of Automobile Parts / Medical Parts / Power Tool / Knife etc.

Country of Origin:Taiwan
**30-years experience on providing Fine Blanking & Stamping parts**
**ISO9001:2015 Certificate**

Boomster Corporation

Established in 1988.
More than 3-decade experience, we serve:
    O.E.M. Projects from A to Z

     Drawing Review
     Tooling & Capability Review
     Sub-assembly & Assembly
     Quality Control & Assurance
     New Product Implement
     Turnkey solutions
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